been there, done that, what’s next?

I’m at an age where I’m no longer eager to tell people how long I’ve been in the medical communications business (>30 years). 

But I am eager to continue to engage in creative and strategic thinking and copywriting. And persuasive words and novel ideas are needed more now than ever, to cut through the ever-increasing clutter.

Take a look at my LinkedIn page for more information about my pharma copywriting career, and see below for just a little bit about some of my other passions.

AI-generated image of me at work in space
AI-generated image of me at work in space

what i do


I’m employed full-time in the medical communications industry–have been since way back in 1992. I’ve worked extensively at both medical education shops and pharma agencies.


I focus on wildlife/nature photography and alternative studio portraits. Mostly I just do it for fun and to have another creative outlet. (We won’t discuss my music career.)


Most recently, I’ve answered phones for a national mental health hotline and sorted donations for a medical-supply distribution nonprofit.